2nd Connecticut

Welcome to the 2nd Connecticut Regiment of Militia. It is our goal to recreate the 2nd Connecticut Regiment of Militia as they appeared from May 1775 through the battles of Saratoga during the fall of 1777; and the 2nd Connecticut Regiment Raised for the Special Defense of the Colony, which was to become the 2nd Connecticut Regiment of the Continental line, from 1775-1778. Both histories are described below, and men participated in both regiments, so most items of clothing and equipment are interchangeable. The recreated 2nd Connecticut Regiment of Militia is comprised of people primarily from the states of Washington, Oregon and Colorado.

We encourage family participation at most events. We in the recreated 2nd
Regiment of Militia participate in a wide variety of activities, which include:
Immersion events, parades, taticals and unit get togethers and campouts.
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